The Red Flag Canal

The Red Flag Canal was a miracle created by Linzhou people with spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, self-reliance, innovation, unity, cooperation, and selfless dedication" in Mao's era. The 1500 km-length red flag canal, ended a long drought and miserable history of Linzhou.

Scenic spot feature


  China landscapes are featured with beautiful south and majestic north. Taihang Mountain located at Linzhou is called the best of northern sceneries, surrounded by the Red Flag Canal which shows the dignity of Taihang Mountain.


  Taihang Mountain is enveloped in clouds, surrounded by the Red Flag Canal which is like a silver dragon on the mountainside. Standing on the stonewall of the Red Flag Canal and raising our heads, we can see the cliff in clouds. The workers when repairing the canal tied thick rope from steep mountaintop to mountainside, then swung to Canal alignment, hammered on the cliff which is composed of solid quartzite. So we can know how perilous the Red Flag Canal is.


  International friends praised the Red Flag Canal as the Eighth Wonder of the World. The 40 cm-thin strip of sky is the narrowest place of the spot, which is also called human body standard meter. Visitors think it is very miraculous.


  The composition of bridge, cave, waterfall and canyon make Luositan more beautiful than Gangnam. Geographer and professor Chen Chuankang says Luositan is so beautiful and names it the “small three gorges”.


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Youth Cave

Taihang Mountain Grand Canyou is within the boundary of Shibanyan Township,Linzhou City of Hennan Province which locaes in the northwest of Hennan province and the east of South Taihang Mountian.

International Gliding Base

In golden autumn,athletes from all over the world gather the Mt.Linlv International Gliding Base which it's an “Asia Top and World First-class”gliding base.

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